In The Shade Of Rhinos

People fighting to save rhinos

Produced, filmed, and edited by Antoine Janssens.
A film supported by TOAST.

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A short documentary about people who are fighting to protect rhinos. Rhinos have been poached for years because of the high price of their horns on the black market. These endangered species are going to be extinct if things don't change. This documentary is based on people who have made the choice to dedicate their lives, sometimes even putting them in danger, to preserve these animals. In this film you will follow ex-military men and women, veterans from Vetpaw, in their daily lives in South Africa. They will tell you why they made this choice of life, where this conflict comes from, what is their job in the field and what are the links woven with the local population. They will also tell you about the importance and power of education in this kind of conflict.

Behind the Scene