Life in the Arctic Circle

A collaboration with Beautiful Destinations

Antoine Janssens | Director, Filmmaker, Editor & Sound design
Florian Fatton | Additional Filmmaker, Photographer

Alfred Larsen | The Sami

A big thanks to
Michel Janssens
Mégane Corbaz
Valhalla Orca Expedition
Alfred Larsen
Stephane Granzotto

TThe North fascinates Antoine, especially during the winter season. Huge untouched landscapes, rough weather that changes all the time, a rich wildlife and people who experience all of this as their daily life.

In February 2019, Antoine went to the north of Norway to spend a few days there. Antoine had his equipment to create content, so he couldn’t resist the urge to film everything he found beautiful. So pretty much everything …

When he got home, Antoine saw the great potential that this footage had, and change to “he knew it was something special, but he wanted more content.

A few months later, Antoine returned to almost the same place to complete what he had started creating, but this time with very concrete content ideas by creating a story up there. For this trip, he was accompanied by his very good friend, Florian Fatton, a great photographer, Antoine's dad, Michel Janssens, who like Antoine, loves Nordic countries.

Creating content up there is unique. It’s easy because everything is beautiful (landscapes, lights etc …), but there are also aspects that are difficult. “It is dark constantly in the winter. We only had 2 hours of real light per day!

So this movie is a short story about a man from the Sami tribe who has lived up there his entire life.
It's also the first of a series of other videos that are on the way.