Voltage | E-Bike

See the Light

A one of a kind collaboration with Scott Sport that introduces the revolutionary Scott Voltage, a lightweight e-mountain bike that's breaking new ground in the cycling world.

Under the direction of our director Florian Fatton, we present together the perfect blend of riding and storytelling. Our approach, situated halfway between the thrill of the ride and the art of narrative, captures the essence of the Scott Voltage like never before.
Through a captivating film filled with tension and excitement, we reveal this innovative new category of bike to the world.

Discover the future of e-biking and "See the Light" with us today!

Client Scott Sport
Agency TOAST Studios
Director Florian Fatton
Producer Alicia Piatini
DOP David Baumann
1st AC Joao Prates
FPV Louis Coubés
Additinal footage Logan Lambert
Music Tijany Bacci
Script Stephen Ferron
Creative Supervisor Antoine Janssens
Photographer Patrick Güller
Rudy, Roberto Panzeri, Mélanie, Arek Gurunian, Jordan