Agency TOAST
Director Antoine Janssens
DOP Joe Simon
Camera Assistant Dylan Endrion
Executive Producer Robin Vaneberg
Line Producer Alicia Piattini
Edit Antoine Janssens
Color Antoine Janssens
Makeup Noelia De Jesus
Photographer Stefano Pompei
Drone Nils Astrologo
Studio David Baumann
BTS Stefano Pompei
Food Stylist Lena Ka
Music Michael Boga
Model Olivia Jauretche


Nuii Ice cream, the adventurous brand, transported TOAST to the heart of Matera, Italy, for an unforgettable production.
Italy, the world champion of cultural heritage and the fiefdom of food lovers. TOAST crafted an international campaign capturing the essence of Nuii latest flavor called Italian Roasted Hazelnut.
Our lenses painted a visual tale of authentic moments, in the Sassi of Matera, inside stunning hazelnut trees and meeting genuine people.

TOAST invites you to relish the joy and taste of Nuii through our TVC, where every frame leaves a smile.