Mike Horn close to the North Pole


Directed by Antoine Janssens
Shooted by Etienne Claret, Le Grand JD, Antoine Janssens
Edited by Antoine Janssens




It is July 2020 on a Norwegian archipelago called Svalbard and we are only a few kilometers from the North Pole. It’s summer up there, which means that the sun never sets.

Antoine joined the adventurer Mike Horn on his boat, accompanied by his 2 daughters Jessica and AnnikaEtienne his legendary cameraman, and 3 Youtubers, AmixemCyrilmp3 and Le Grand JD.

There was also the famous skipper Bernard Stamm, Soren, Laure and Yacek.

Together, we spent 10 days cut off from the world, sailing under the midnight sun and between icebergs, climbing glaciers, visiting a ghost town, tracking a polar bear, and approaching walruses and blue whales.

It is a part of the world is still completely wild. There are no roads. The only way to get around is by boat. It’s a place where you don’t meet anyone except a few adventurers, photographers or archaeologists in the small village of Longyearbyen.

For a lover of nature and wide open spaces, this place was simply magic.