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The Phoksundo project is the story of five Swiss divers who departed for a great adventure at the Himalaya to discover the hidden face of Lake Phoksundo, at an altitude of 3600 meters. High-altitude diving remains a marginal practice, which requires a radically different approach. TOAST joined the project at the very beginning, directing a video documentary and following the divers’ team to their journey to Nepal.


Executed 2019


"The idea of the 45-minute documentary is to record as faithfully as possible what the team experienced during their adventure in the Himalayas.No storyboard or even a too precise structure of the film in advance. I wanted to leave an important place for the unknown. I had a certain thread in mind but only in order not to get lost. The structure of the film was built by itself, shaped by what we lived day after day. One of the biggest challenges was to succeed in filming each of the important moments of this expedition. The content should be created at the moment according to the environment that surrounds us and the actions of each person.

It was a very enriching experience to make a film outside of the "clipped" and "advertising" formats that I am usually working on. The challenge is a big one: to get the audience on board and make them live an experience as close as possible to the one we lived up there.
I came back from this adventure with memories in my head and the pleasure of having shared moments with people I can now call friends." 

Antoine Janssens Creative Director TOAST Agency

Antoine Janssens

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